It was horrible!

We had a nice date... Towards the end, we went to a park. Kissing, etc. He wanted head, and all gears were a go. But, just before going down on him, I started thinking of the other girls that he was probably going to call as soon a he took me home. I was sure of it. I felt like a slut. Long story short. I didn't do it. He took me home. We tried to make the best of it, but it was so awkward... Think I'll get another chance with him... I feel so stupid, but it just wasn't right... he says I think too much. He's right about that, but it that such a bad thing? I mean, really?

I want him to care for me... We used to mess around two years ago. I don't want a repeat of that... I want a relationship.


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  • That really depends on your idea. Are you saying that you want to be his only one?

    Are you saying you don't want your lips to go where other lips have been?

    Or where other lips will follow?

    It sounds like you don't feel you're the only one and you don't like that.

    Well, I don't blame you!

    You could discuss that concern with him. Of course don't expect an honest answer.

    But hopefully he'll understand. And if he's sincere, he'd understand if you don't believe him.

    And he'd give you another chance.

    A car doesn't sound too romatntic anyhow. I don't know. I've never done it in a car.

    I hope you get another go because... good relationships are hard to find and you don't

    need to lose one.

    • It was at a park, and thanks. I really hope he calls. I feel like a dork calling him. Ughhhhhhh

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  • If he really likes you and is a good guy worth blowing then he'll have no problem waiting another date. If not, you were right.

    • Thank you, I just feel so bad leaving him like that. He was hard too.

    • So make it up to him and give him lots of loving next time.

    • Ha, I can do that. Thanks

  • you made the right move. Just tell him you want to take things slow and you want a relationship instead of what you had before

  • Christ it was just a blowjob...

    I mean seriously if he offered to do the same I bet you wouldn't complain and think he is a manwhore for going down on a girl He wanted to and went out on a date with. So tired of people thinking that if a man is attracted to a woman and wants to fool around and what not then he is horrible. you are 2 ppl, who obviously like each other and you were fooling around. the only thing that was wrong is that you lead him on and stopped.

    A slut is a woman who screws multiple people. Uses them for sex and cheats and lies to get what she wants. Uses sex as a way to get what she wants or simply makes you pay for it and has no shame or morals. And to me Woman using sex and holding out so the guy has to Pay for more dates before he gets a chance is worse then 2 people being honest with one another.

    • That's so true. It did seem like I led him on, then stopped... Not on purpose!... Ugh...

    • Obviously it was on purpose if you stopped doing it by choice lol.

    • I meant that I wasn't attempting to string him along. I was in the mood; wanted to do it... but it didn't feel right... Then I stopped.

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  • You did the right thing for yourself at the time because you didn't feel comfortable. If he respects you and likes you, he will understand. If you feel guilty, then you can appologize if you feel it is the right thing to do. If you did this at the time, then there is no need to discuss it further. Just ask if he wants to meet you again. Good luck.

  • Nope you did the right thing. Don't be down on yourself you should be proud of what you didn't do. Your the one in control of what you do, no one else. Let him think and say what ever he wants.

    • Thanks. I keep trying to tell myself that... After how long does the guy usually call. I feel like a little kid, snatching my phone out of my purse each time it rings, hoping it was him.

  • You did the right thing. You are too young to be enduing such a stressful relationship. If he doesn't call back find someone else to really enjoy the benefits of being young.

    If he does call back, take it slow. Trust me he will call back. He knows you're interested he'll call. Just make sure you call the shots.

    • I hope he does, but I think it seemed like I led him on, then stopped... I didn't mean to! I mean, it was out. I was about to. Then I didn't do it... Ughh...

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    • Let me know WHEN he does

    • okay :)