I can't ever take it much further than a few texts after a phone number.

So I approach a fair amount of women in order to win my quest in getting an epic relationship and a lot of girls that I talk to...well the ones that are single and the ones who don't reject me straight up, don't seem to be entirely looking for something in terms of a relationship, or maybe even casual (well with me maybe, I guess I need to work on this side) and usually seem to be the types that can easily get guys through other methods. Plus a lot probably want to get a guy the more natural way anyway and not randomly at a club or on the street.

But I do kinda prefer the totally sweet types who are kinda in their own world or are usually in groups and Isolating girls can be pretty hard for me. Like I don't go for the girls who look like they get around a bit or actively look for sex and such. I go for girls who don't need guys but want certain traits in a guy but probably forgoes some things because she feels she can't get them and decides to get what she knows she can. So no sluts or desperate women.

And a few of the girls I've approached recently have totally been my type not only in looks, but personality...because I can read a girl on a basic level in terms of personality and interests just by looking, i.e girl should share similar looks traits to you because they reflect similar personalities, i.e deep dark expressive eyes show expressiveness in a person, I have expressive eyes and love girls with expressive eyes and its the first thing I look for in a girl because it gives me great indicators.

So I know the kinda girl I want.

But my question is, how can I get these girls and how can I get into their world?

See random approaches are the only real way I can meet women and randomly is the way I'd prefer to meet a girl as opposed to at work where there are only so many choices, and through friends...same deal. But I would take the right girl in any situation, and if I had more friends and went to more house parties I probably wouldn't be against finding a girl there.

Like right now I try to act in a manner that the girl I want would like, overly sweet, super fun, deep,random, funny and I can talk to said girls and such but I can never take it much further than a few texts after a phone number.

So yeah sorry for the long post but basically how do I go about getting said girls?


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  • Looks like you're looking for a very specific type. It's good you know what you're looking for but as to how you can go about getting said girls, there is really no straight answer to this.

    The type of lady you're looking for seems to be intelligent, sweet and sincere. There is really no other way of winning over these girls other than to approach them and let them know you are the guy they have been waiting for. Chances are, they won't fall for cheesy one liners. They aren't looking for meaningless week-long flings. They require substance. You sound like you have the right idea in that department, but a real winner won't be so easily impressed.

    Where do you usually approach such women? If you are more of a bar/pub person, you may want to consider going out into your community for other opportunities. Clubs, volunteering, or even a short term class may give you the chance to spend more time with the lady of your choice. She will probably be more likely to go beyond just the casual texting if she gets to know you over a longer period of time.

    Women generally respond well to sincerity. If you genuinely let them know of your interest, the chances of them responding favorably would likely be better.

    • well mostly I try something indirect or say you look totally interesting, or I told a girl she had really pretty eyes the other day stuff like that. Sometimes though I think being too direct is like an ultimatum thing like ":say yes or no right now" and I like to be sure I at least have a good chance and not give her the opportunity to say no straight up

  • Girls like that like really sweet guys, or at least I do...someone who is funny, kind hearted, sensitive, shares a few common interests, and someone who isn't too outgoing. Sometimes outgoing is good...but sometimes it's too much to handle. I wouldn't care where I met a guy if I liked him enough. Best way to get a girl like that is to make her smile a lot the first time you meet her. It will instill happiness in their memory of you..sorry that was hard to explain lol


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