Guys, the girl that never calls?

Say you walk to a girl, hit on her, and ask her out to coffee or to study with her, which she says sure why not and you give her your number.

How would you feel / What would you think of her if she never called or texted?

Or what if she called like two weeks later?


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  • Never called - no longer interested.

    Called two weeks later - red flag, pay very close attention to her.

    • Haha, then there is a big difference between the two. What kind of red flag?

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    • No, haha, I mean like why is that a red flag, like 'she might be seeing someone else' flag?

    • "She might not be so interested" red flag.

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  • better later then never. If she didn't want to text or call me id rather her say so instead of taking or giving a number

  • Well if I asked for her number and called or texted her and she never replied then I would no longer be interested. If she replied like two weeks later then I would think she does not like me like that and I wouldn't take her seriously. So I guess in both scenarios I would end up no longer being interested.

  • Don't bother calling me two weeks later, I don't want to hear from you at that point.


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