Should I kiss him?

So first me and this guy sean really like each other. He told me like 2 weeks ago how he felt about me and he asked me to be his girlfriend but I told him no because I'm having problems at home and I can't have a boyfriend right now.

But its not awkward between us and he still calls me every night. Now that its winter break I won't see him till school starts again because we're both on vacation. I really want him to kiss me but he's shy so I'm planning on doing it first. Should I kiss him or is it a bad idea?

and if I do kiss him I don't know what to do because this will be my first kiss and I'm kinda clueless when it comes to this.


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  • If you can tell he wants to kiss you too, then go for it. Guys like it when a girl makes a first move and beside, if you both want it, you don't need to feel afraid of rejection. Some guys are shy, some aren't. At least you know he will never put any pressure on you, which is very good. :D

    Hope this helps

  • you should kiss him

    first kisses can be a bit awkward sometimes but you will enjoy it if you relax. just lean towards him and start kissing him! I wouldn't recommend using tongues on a first kiss though

    good luck!