How do I act around a boy I like when we hang out for the first time?

I met this boy about 3 weeks ago and He's so nice but I've only ever met him 3 times and I was drunk every time so I've never been around him sober and he asked me to go out with him tomorrow but I'm really scared. I'm an extremely shy person and I don't know how to act or what to say to him. I'm awkward. I'm scared he'll think I'm a weirdo 'cause I won't probably speak! I just get so shy, I'm not confident. I do like him though, he's lovely. Can you please just help me, give me tips? Or something..Please? 'Cause I'd like it to go well. Thank you. Xx

i'm only 17 by the way.
Someone please help me! I'm nervous


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  • Just be your self, your shy so just open up to him slowly and let him get to know you. And ps I'm 17 too.


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