I would love to contact a man but not sure how?

Well he actually is an actor but I see him as a normal person. Well I have spoken to him a few times but now I would love to get to know him closer but not as boyfriends just as a friend.

Well he also is engaged to an actress she also knows me a bit 'cause I attended a workshop where she was teaching with her sis drama.

And well I mean having contact to him would also be a good thing for me 'cause I wanna break into the business as an actress or make up artist, ya know?

I hope someone can give me some advice what to write to him or shall I just leave it.


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  • well what I think is tht you love him but he has a girlfriend which they are in engaged I would just tell him tht you like him tht if you want 2 tell him but if he a good friend of ours he would understand but as the girlfriend part she not going 2 be happy


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