I feel like I have to talk ALL the time!

Okay don't get me wrong. I am very sociable and tend to be pretty good at talking to girls. But when I like a girl and am with just me and her, I always feel like I have to be saying something or keeping the conversation going! I feel if there's a silence she will think I'm boring and/or find the silence awkward!

Do girls think the same way? If I was quieter what would the girl think?



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  • I think if it is a first date or so, and you aren't comfortable with the person, it may be awkward. it also depends on the person. I don't find the silence awkward only because I am the type of person to only say things if they need to be said. I am terrible at small talk. I don't think she will think you are boring and if she finds it awkward, it is her insecurity, nothing to do with you. some people just aren't as good at conversation as others. just try to find something she is interested and hopefully that will spur some speech.

  • u are giving her a chace 2 talk right?

    • Yes I do. I prefer a girl who talks more to be honest. I hate being the one having to talk, that's why I'm posting this question :P

    • well ask her some questions to help you get to know her better, let her be the one to do the talking but also don't completely stop talking yourself ha ha :)

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