What should I say for him to text back?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 months now...well we been talking a while before we started dating.(By the way this is a long distance relationship) But anyways, ever since Saturday he's been acting different. On Sunday he stopped texting me. I tried to call once but he didn't answer. So I was thinking "I'm going to try tomorrow maybe he's just in a bad mood). Well my cousin noticed that he been posting fb status`s about things but would never text me back. So Monday comes along and I'm like "Have a good day I love you <3" and this was like 7:30 in the morning. Well usually I will get a text saying "You too:) and I love you too" So after I get out of practice I'm thinking "i hope he texted back" Still no text... I didn't even bother to call because then I noticed a fb status something about working on his car. So I sent him a text saying "obviously your too busy or whatever to text back...so ill be doing something else...and whenever you decide to text back then do so" Well I never got nothing back. So Tuesday I apologize saying I'm sorry and crap and still don't get nothing back. & Today he just wants to do everything but talk to me?... I don't know what is going on? :(( And I never said nothing on Saturday wrong to him... ? What should I say for him to text back, because I feel as if I stop talking to him then our relationship will go downhill... Please help me out :( What should I do?


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  • It seems like your relationship is already down hill. Quit texting him, your probably bugging. I've been in your shoes with my ex fiance of 5 years, and I'm 23! After we broke up, I missed him so I'd text him. Or I'd get drunk and upset and drunk text or call him. ALL BAD!

    After I quit texting and calling him for about a month, he started contacting me. Now we have a semi decent friendship. It's incredibly hard to be his friend, but we both care about each other, so we're trying to stay in contact.

    I will NEVER make myself look like I'm desperate again, because I'm not. And you shouldn't make yourself out to look desperate either.

    The only thing he needs to know about you is that your a woman, who is strong and your doing fine without him! :)

    It hurts, I can't tell you how many nights I cried after my ex fiance and I broke up. (and I broke up with HIM) . But it does get easier, and I promise, you will be happy again.

    Last thing, let him go. Let him do him for a while, give him his space, don't contact him at all. If your relationship is mean to be, it will work again. If not then you will probably be moved in no time anyway.


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  • um. no offense. but I think the guy might want some space.

    but it sounds kinda fishy to me. take it where you want.

    • Okay so what will I have to do to give him space? Just quit txting him?

    • xD. depends on the guy. but since he's not texting back- lay off for a few days. then ask him what's going on...

    • Alright, I'm just sorta afraid because usually it leads to breaking up. But Thanks!

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  • Big mistake sending him that second message! Sometimes, guys just need space! If everything else is fine, you should have just let him be then contacted him the next day or something. For guys, sometimes it's really hot and heavy in the beginning but they don't like to text later. That's just how it is... Back off for now.

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