How does dating work exactly?

I have never been on a date or asked a girl out. I guess how does the process work like where do you go on a date and what happens. I need to know everything


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  • lol When I saw your profile I knew you were cute, doctorwhofan ;) I like it too. David tennant= best doctor

    Ok well dating is quite a simple concept.

    defined by three steps.

    Step 1)Asking

    You can ask the person or you can be asked.

    You may prefer Asking to avoid a painfull wait,

    or you may prefer waiting so you know they like

    you, to avoid an embarrasing no.

    Some people believe it's the boys that have

    to ask, some people believe the girl has to ask.

    I believe once you're sure that you like them,

    and you think they'd like you and you know them well.

    I's probably about time you ask them out if they already


    If they say yes, you're dating and you can continue talking or proceed to asking them out on a date(proceed to step 2)

    If they say no, keep your head up and tell yourself your better thant them and leave.

    Don't be too fussed if they say no, It just means you weren't meant to be together.

    Step 2)Dates and Dating

    This is the harder part where judgement of context is key to sucess.

    You might be a schoolboy/gir having their first girl/boyfriend or you could be an

    older more mature(or not in some cases) sexually active adult.

    This is the same for your girl/boyfriend and agreements on context are key to sucess.

    If they're okay with kissing on the first date(there's more people like this than you think)

    and you are too then go for it. If either of you don't feel entirely comfortable, then don't do it and ask for/give an explanationas to why so they understand. This can work for many things from hugs or holding hands to forplay or sex.

    Asking someone on a date is quite easy just add it into conversation.

    "hmm, I haven't been to the park for ages, would you mind coming with me on the weekend?"


    "I haven't seen (insert movie name), would you mind seeing it with me?"

    or even

    "Would you like to have sex in the bushes,?"

    do not try the last one, you can be arrested or a crazy cyclist(who by chance is yourteacher) might come down the abandoned for 20year walkway and find you naked in the middle of it all, then turn up earlier the next week and stay there just to make sure nothing happens between you irresponsible children. Yes this happened to me. Now I hide better...

    lol enough about me.

    Now you can go on a date anywhere you would like provided she/he agrees.

    The cinema, local park, tenpin bowling, dinner at a resturaunt, the beach, near the riverbank, or anywhere really. Just as long as you both approve.

    Try to be money conscious, things cost too much nowadays and I find going to the park and cuddling more fun than going to the cinema's, you get too talk more.

    Just remember try to chose a date you'll both like to check they like the idea just ask.

    Step 3)Whatever Happens

    Remember no matter what happens that you are you and you are special and you deserve amazing thigs in your life, this goes for any relationship.

    Well I have no more letters left

    contact me if you need to know more

    :D xoxo

    • Thanks nice a through answer. One question though what about the scared factor I am scared. You know I have a friend who says I like a bit like David tennant.

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    • lol don't worry about that :) If she says no remember she doesn't think you're good enough and I'm sure your smart and good looking and nice so she would be making her own mistake

    • I just have that fear I guess

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  • Well, for starters a date doesn't mean that you are a couple. A date is simply going out with someone you like to spend time with, and maybe get a kiss or two. Once you become a couple, that's a whole nother story.