Why do men make excuses to meet or contact?

If we just know each other at the first month, I can understand that the man might make some excuses to have some occasions to meet or contact me but now it's over 3 years! It may be because it was me who contacted him first and arrange our time to meet and he might take it for granted. But now I started to change my habit and want to see him change himself too. Yes, he changes a little. He contacted me first, he arrange our appointment and it took a long time more than I did because every time he did that, he had to have some excuses to meet or contact me. I don't understand! Or it's because he's too proud to show that he miss me? I need your opinion.


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  • It could just be a habit. He might feel (like you think) that he needs some excuse or reason to explain why he hasn't been contacting you.



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