Whys this happening to me?

I get over my ex who cheated on me and then I like this guy who I thought would be different but we wait to have sex until a month and now he barely talks to me and tells me it was fun but he regrets it so now my ex pops in my head and its hitting me hard why I'm confused whys this happening? what should I do? :(


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  • (I could be wrong)

    But most girls seem to go for the same 'type' of guy stop doing this or you will keep getting hurt! You really need to assess guys intentions more, what do they want from you? If its a jock type guy, it doesn't matter what they say to you at the end of the day if they don't make you there girlfriend there in it for sex. I once dated one of those guys and I waited till I was his girlfriend to do it with him and its obvious that if there in it for more than sex they will wait! (no offence but a month is not a long time, and if he refers to it as a mistake you could have been a rebound)

    Im not pin pointing you, I've done it so I've learnt from my mistakes there is nothing you can do now that this is happened, no way to change there mind or make them want you for anymore than sex, so don't speak to this guy! Just move on, get your life together and focus on what you want - your job, study etc and just be more selective with the next guy, I promise it gets better :)

    • yeah your right the hard thing is he goes to the same bar that me and mom go to ugh and he knows everyone the thing is why do.i.want to text me ex I can't stop.thinking about is it because this new guy is just like my ex?

    • The reason you want to text your ex is because this guy screwed you over he wanted you for sex rather than love so that makes you feel like crap so you go back to someone who did want you for love even though that love might not be there anymore. If that makes sense? I use to do it, like if I had a bad day Id want to text my ex because he'd make me feel wanted, but when I feel good my ex doesn't even cross my mind! If you HAVE to go to that bar just ignore him and look good and have a good time:)

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