Should I text first?

Hi all, I was just wondering, I texted a girl I've been out with a few times sort of implying that I like her. I didn't pour my heart out or anything and she didn't freak right out. She just sort of replied pointing out that she really enjoys time with me etc.. and she seemed to want to meet up again.

I was just wondering, should I now leave it up to her to text me again before I pester her. I don't want to her to feel like I'm coming on too strong or moving to fast.


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  • if you text her more than about 7 times a day, then that's pestering (unless you're having a conversation through text)

    so you've nothing to worry about really in terms of pestering

    And whether to text her or not, it really depends on how much you want to talk to her and like her etc. link

    • I havnt text her at all since, my little mishap where I sort of admitted I liked her... I'm sort of wondering if I've scared her off, or if she is just taking time to let things sink in.

    • Yeah, text her.

  • Text her! I'm sure it will be fine...:)


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