What did he mean? "..we should still go out.."

I told him "I think I love you.."

and he said "yea I think I do too but we should still go out and stuff."

go out and see other people? or go out on dates and get to know each other better?

I said "defiantly", thinking he meant the second part but now I'm thinking he meant the first... great..


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  • sounds like the second one.


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  • Sounds like the second one, don't overthink it! Just keep enjoying the experience & getting to know him better.

    • but he treats me like just a hook up... He doesn't really do anything to prove he wants to get to know me better... I just don't want to be too trusting and get hurt

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    • Sorry you're feeling this way.. But there is really nothing you can do, you can't change this guy or how he feels. You can only act for yourself, wishing for something doesn't do much. You're trying to make something work that requires two people to work.

      But again, how could you be addicted to someone who sounds as if he really doesn't care that much? that treats you like he does? This is what confuses me sometimes... All I know is that you deserve much much better than what you're describing.

    • it confuses me too, something about him feeding my insecurities, idk, but it's not healthy and making me feel terrible, thanks for your help.

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