People on dating site think I'm fake, what should I do?

I have an account on Myyearbook, and I've been asked by many girls if those are my real pics. I've told them it is and they still don't believe me so I ask them to skype with me.

However I think some girls think I'm fake so they don't respond to my msgs, I still get a response from most of the girls I message but the ones that don't message back probably think in fake -.-

I don't have any professional pics, they are all bathroom pics in front of the mirror. I'm not Gorgeous or anything just a average face with above average body. Any tips on how to make people realize I'm not fake?


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  • Maybe it's not you at all since lots of guys put up fake pics. I read an article about how way more guys do this than women so maybe they got burned before and don't want to again. Most girls cannot reply to all the messages they get on dating sites since the ratio of guy to girl works in the girls favor so just because they don't repsond, doesn't mean they think you are fake. If most girls do respond then you must have an above average face too and be happy with the responses you do get because you are getting way more than the rest of the guys.


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  • Hard to judge with no pic..

    • Not asking to be judged, just want an advice from people on how to not look fake

  • Please upload a pic of yourself! :D

    • Lmao! It is myself, I swear!

    • Aawww pleeeease! :)

    • lol, when I asked to be rated on GAG. I think you were te one that said, I have a perfect body in your opinion and my face was good too lol

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