Does texting first make a girl seem desperate?

This guy I know said he will never text a girl obviously I need to text him first to talk to him.

If I text him first does that make me seem desperate?

What would make a girl seem desperate through texting?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • What's up with people asking "is that desperate?" "is this desperate?"

    Do you really so much CARE what others think?

    Use common sense - desperate girl is that who stays with a man who beats her and constantly abuses her, but she still ''unconditionally loves" him - THAT is desperate!

    But showing interest... well.. is there ANY other way apart from showing interest to make your crush know that you're interested?

    I know what you mean.. but too bad there's no such thing as mind reading.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's not desperate.

    It's a frikkin good way of letting a guy know you're interested.

  • No it's fine but he knows you're interested


What Girls Said 4

  • nope! it just a simple way of telling the guy that you have bigger balls than him!

  • "Bubblicious" has said it all =)

  • why don't he?

    and no, it doesn't

  • No. txting first doesn't automatically means your desperate. I've had guys tell me that they find it hot when a cute girl ask for their # or text them first. makes her seem confident, they never said anything about desperate. What do they call desperate?

    A girl txting them multiple times per day (personally, if we just started dating, I wouldn't even text him everyday)

    sending text msgs after text msgs when he doesn't response (when he doesn't respond 2 a txt, DONT text him again , just wait till he reply)

    there's more, but these are the ones I can think of right now lol : )