He forgot we had a date tonight?

So, I have really been looking forward to going to see Dream House with my boyfriend, we were suppose to go Monday, but he wasn't up to it so we moved it to today, I ask him if he is almost home and he says he is at the gym. The only showing we are able to make on weekdays is 7:30, and we missed it now. I got all dolled up because I was so excited. How should I handle this when I go over tonight? Should I change out of this cute dress I put on for the occasion? Should I bring his giant bag of his favorite candy that I bought him for the movie? Should I pretend to be happy even though I am kinda upset? Should I sulk? Help


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  • I want to see that movie too. I think it was pretty bad that he forgot. I think you need to let him know exactly how you feel- be very direct.

    And hey, if it counts for anything, you are a beautiful girl. He is lucky to have such a lovely girlfriend.

    • This guy knows what's up.

    • You and I should go see it together, ha. I don't want to be mean or direct, he just bailed me out of jail this past weekend. :/ But, I think I'm going to go in my cute dress lookin' all fine and what not and when he says sorry I'll be like "Oh, it's fine. I am going to see it tomorrow with a friend since you couldn't"

  • Everyone forgets once in awhile, so you shouldn't be that upset. You must be one sweet girlfriend to do all that even after he forgot. If I had beautiful girl like you, I wouldn't forget anything!


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