Does this guy like me or not? I NEED ADVICE FROM MEN!!!

There's this guy I like, last year him and I began kind dating, not Bf/GF, but dating, for about 3 months. He is not a player or immature guy who just sweet talks girls, he is a genuine, sweet hearted, & serious relationship type guy.

He liked me very much & showed it A LOT too. At the same time, I know he still had feelings for his ex, who is now with a guy. he's not friends with his ex either. Out of nowhere, he just stopped calling me and pursuing me. I asked him what's happened and he just said he is too busy for a girlfriend. (which is BS, we all know guys will make time no matter what). He call me or anything for 9 months.

The other day my friend invited me out on a group date where he came & he was very sweet and friendly/fun with me. After the date, my friend asked him "would you ever date her?" he said yes. "do you see a future with her?" & he said yes. She then asked, then why did you guys stop talking? Is it because you don't like her or you are actually busy? He said..."you wouldn't understand..."

I don't get it! And he hasn't called me after the date either! Does he just not like me or is there a reason behind all this?


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  • He is keeping doors open. He didn't say no because well who knows what could happen down the road. You are right though if he really liked you he would make time because a lonely girl is one looking for love. So he doesn't care that you are looking for love. Because, he is as well. Myabe down the road sometime or who knows it may work but, right now he is looking for love and you are not it.

    So basically he doesn't want you at the moment. The reason your friend wouldn't understand is because he likes another and sure someday over the rainbow who knows. But, don't be left waiting for him... get out there and look for love. =D

    Good Luck.


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  • no no no. so many times you are just somewhat attracted to someone, but if you go out with them, and get to know them really well- then you get to know them deeper, and either like them more, or like them less. its natural.

  • He probably like you, but you didn't give him enough physical contact(that's just a guess on my part), only you know if that's true. But if you didn't make out with him, and fool around, sometimes guys just throw the towel in. You said he was a good sweet guy, quite often those types of guys don't initiate contact because they are nervous, you need to be the one to drive the relationship forward. If the two of you had fun together, and he likes you, I don't see any other reason, unless he thinks you are not interested in him. Good luck to you.


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