First date, what to do?

OK so I manged to gather the courage to ask the girl I like out and she said yes but we didn't get to talk about it cause we were both going to class (separate ones in a college) and yes its sad but I'm 18 and never went out with a girl before so I just wanted to know what should I do, where do I take her out for a first date how should I dress gel my hair or no? and any tips if you can give me... I appreciate in advance

we are going to the movies, would it be appropriate to put my arm around her during the movie on a first date or no?


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  • As far as dress goes, that depends on where your college is and where you're going out. I'm a believer in the dinner-and-movie first date for people who just recently met. You're just getting used to each other and get comfortable around each other. Pitch that idea and then ask if she has any suggestions.

    Basic hygeine is a must. Take a shower before picking her up, even if you took one when you woke up. Brush your teeth, shave, please use deodorant. Set a pick-up time and be there at that time. While on the date, be yourself. Share about yourself, but ask her about herself. And most importantly, be calm.

    • @update: I wouldn't, but then again I usually don't cuddle, kiss, anything like that until it's official. Ask her what she's comfortable with.