Guy, why would you be mad for it?

I am in some sort of relationship with this guy. So we were texting back and forth, I was being sweet to him. He texted back with smiling face and my respond you're not being sweet at all. Then I said jokingly other guys messages are much sweeter with j/k and smiling face and why would he get mad at me for doing that?


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  • > I am in some sort of relationship with this guy

    How uncertain can you get?

    Smileys, emoticons, etc. are time consuming. Especially if you really never had any formal training on how to type. I'm willing to bet many out there never "learned" how to type except by practice. That could be awkward and when you don't use a "real" keyboard (full QWERTY or DVORAK typewriter) it complicates things. I can't fault anyone for not wanting to throw in a smiley when words should be fine.

    It doesn't mean he doesn't care. It doesn't mean he's not trying to be "sweet." Give the poor guy a break.

    There so little love in this world as it is. Don't throw yours away on a stupid technicality. I focus on what I'm trying to say rather than what smiley I want to use.

    II don't believe in getting mad at someone I love.

    But this seems like a misunderstanding that can probably be easily avoided.

    Please. Don't do this to each other.


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  • He is insecure or lacks maturity. If you like him and want to put up with him then just tell him he needs to relax. Otherwise I'd say you probably would get along better with a guy who has a sense of humor.

  • I'd be mad, hurt and gone.

  • Because joking about such things is like playing with fire. You got burned, next time avoid joking about that. It's like him making a joke saying other girls are thinner and adding a smiley and a j/k.

    I'm guessing most girls would still feel offended even though it's a joke. Apologize to him for your bad joke.


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  • cuz your texting other guys and comparing him