Why hasn't he texted me, bumming my mood, advice?

So, long story short: I like a guy, he likes me. But hasn't texted me in over three days. Yet when I text him first, he responds almost instantly and keeps the conversation going. Wtf.

I'm not used to texting guys first, and when I do it's because I'm really into the guy. I'm also used to guys texting me 24/7 when they admit they like me. This guy has told me he really likes me, yet doesn't hound me everyday..and gets on Facebook and talks to other girls.

He once told me that he likes a challange. And I never admitted that I liked him until recently. So because I did admit that, did he lose interest in trying to 'get me' since I'm no longer a challange to him?

My description probably makes him sound shady, but he really isn't. I just want to know guy's opintions so I can stop wasting my time with him if he just sees me as another girl. So, what do I do? I can't stand being really into a guy, and not knowing if I'm being played or not. It gets old after awhile.

Thank you guys.


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  • He enjoys every damn message you initiate first!

    Guys are so tired always being supposed to start everything, so as once the girl takes control - guys get used to it really quickly!

    You are always within his reach - he must not make any effort!

    He said he likes challenge! Trust him about those words, don't try to rationalise.

    Those who like challenge are terrible lovers, they are not keepers but complete opposite:

    as soon as they 'conquer' one girl - they do lose interest! And they go for the next - tougher challenge!

    Relationships to them is like a task - which must be completed and the next to be taken!

    It's a neverending circle!

    • That's what I'm thinking as well, he just doesn't seem interested in a serious relationship now. Not even serious serious, but just committed. It's just immature to me. I don't know. I really like the guy, but for me to do all of the work seems pointless. Maybe he just needs to mature in the relationship department. But thanks for your answer (:

  • If he really like you ,he will not play you just for challenge. the more challenge to him, the more interest to you, but it's unrelated with love lever, maybe you can give him a chance to see his performance. then you can decide whether you should stop being into the guy.

    • But how do I give him the chance if he never lets me see it? Like he talks about us getting a place together..(future reference). He gets pissed when he thinks another guy is into me. (Jealousy). Maybe he just isn't clingy? What do you think?

    • From your saying, I suppose that your guy maybe not be a active person, you must to be active just as initiating a date with him, going shopping together and sometime seeking for his help consciously, you need more time to be together to know each other well , good communication also necessary.

      "getting a place together,jealousy" didn't stand for his true love for you,which were just performance called"conquer". so don't be conquered easily. Give him more time as same to you .Good luck!

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