How to know if its a guys first kiss?

I want to know if its possible to tell if someone is a guys first kiss. My new boyfriend and I kissed and he only used his lips... then weeks later we actually french kissed. He seems amateur at it :P but I can't tell :( Silly question maybe but I just wanna know.


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  • If he sucks at it, chances are it's his first time. But, some guys just suck at kissing. A girl I knew actually broke up with an otherwise really good looking rich boyfriend because he was too bad at kissing. And before anyone says "Oh, there were other reasons" she came right out and immediately told me that was why she broke up with him. "I broke up with Rich." "Why?" (no pause at all) "He was a bad kisser."

    • Thank you so much for that answer that's so interesting! He sucks at kissing, yes, and he never had a relationship on Facebook as long as I've seen and I put my hand over his chest after the first kiss we had it was beating madly :o

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