Kissed a guy at a party and me may not remember, should I act like it didn't happen?

So this guy I have known for the past couple f months was at a party with me. we are both in college but go to different schools. the party was at one of my friends houses and her boyfriend is this guy jimmy's best friend. so the four of us have been together a few times just to hang out before this. jimmy is real real quite when he is not drinking and he only gets a little bit louder when he does drink. but anyway he got real sick and I took care of him. after he was better the two of us cuddled on the couch until we decided to pull out the bed, when we were lying there we started making out which was fine and what not, then went to bed. the next morning wasn't real awkward but it was different. I don't even know if he remembers what happened. I liked him before this night but I don't know what to think or say now... do I just pretend like it didn't happen?


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  • That is a strange situation because there is a definite possibility that he doesn't remember anything that happened. I think if that were the case he would probably think that something did happen because how often do you wake up with someone in your bed when you didn't know how or when they got there? I've never been in the situation so this may not be the more common advice, but I would not bring it up unless he mentions it. Just keep it between you two and if he brings it up you can talk to him about it.

    • thanks I am mostly torn because even before this I liked him and I just don't know how to take it lol I am a girl I over analyize you know. lol

    • I'd be thinking the same thing if I was in your boat. It's a weird situation. He'll probably bring it up if you get to talk to him 1 on 1 again. GL! :)

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