Which guy is better ?

All right so I am really afraid of guys because of the problems I see around me ( family, friends, etc ) .. guys usually make girls suffer etc etc .. anyway , I have two best friends ( Regina and Selina ) and each one of them has a boyfriend who are very different , and I was wondering which character is better to seek .. so I ll shortly describe both of them :)

Regina is with her boyfriend from 8 months, he liked her and the week after they were together, he loves her very much , he doesn't care about his pride much, even if she is mistaken he would still call her and always always run after her .. that gives her a chance to act very arrogant .. whenever he says his problems, she usually takes them as a joke claiming that these are not serious problems. She is usually cold and always demands in the relation while her boyfriend does everything she wants.. its enough for her to say " I wanna eat sushi" and he would bring her sushi the next day! Is it okay for a man to be like this ? She def. does not appreciate him since she never makes the first step to fix a fight , he always does it ! However he talks to girls behind her back and flirts with them sometimes.

Selina's boyfriend loved her since the second he saw her .. but he didn't get the chance to know her except after a whole year of stalking and admiring from far away ( a common friend introduced him to her ). He is very loyal and always there for her, however when they fight , usually she is the one who fixes everything , he gets angry very quickly, but somehow, she manages to calm him down. Many bad habits happened between them, like he used to hang up the phone whenever they fought , a thing that she never did.. when they fight, he usually is merely cold and she does all the talking .. she goes over her pride a lot for him because she loves him very much, however he nearly never went over his pride.. whenever she asks him for something , he usually is very late and sometimes even forget what she asked for!

Both relations have the positive and the negative but which one do you think is more acceptable ? Which relationship is more fixable ? and how would you fix them both ? I am a common friend among them all and I hate seeing them fight and I really wanna help them.. and also help myself settle some clear concepts about how a relation should work .


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  • my name is also Salina

    i mainly just skimmed it since there is too much to read , but go with whoever you liek more or feel happiest being with and see a longer relationship with