I don't get this guy! Please help?

I met this guy who I thought was really into me. Everything about his body language said he was. Prolonged eye contact while smiling, standing close to me, always facing me, watching me from across the room, always listing when I talk, asking me questions about myself. However, I went up to him and we exchanged numbers, I asked for his business card and then gave him my number. When this happened we locked eyes while smiling for about 5 seconds before I left. Well its been 5 days and he hasn't called. What gives? Should I call him?


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  • I'm sure he's attracted to you all the signals lead to that. What you don't know is if he's available in other words is he single. I'm not saying he isn't single but it may be an indication as to why he hasn't called you. It may not be because he doesn't like you. It's could be because he can't go there.

    That's the only reason I could think of. If you know for sure that he's not in a committed relationship. Then I have no clue, guys are just weird, lol.

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