Why would he get in contact with me again but not carry out on anything?

Long story short, a boy I really liked and got along were getting to know each other but had a fallout and stopped talking to each other thereafter. It was a weird kind of fallout, we pretty much stopped talking to each other for some unspoken reason yet we were both stubborn to really talk about it. He really seemed like me, however, even after we stopped talking with each other. Sure, we exchanged a few words here and there but nothing major but he would still look at me whenever he could. There were times too when one could tell he was anxious, my friends, my mom, and even myself noticed that he tried to go out of his way to get a glance at me. A year of this shy, awkward looks between us passed and he has just graduated from high school ( I am now a senior). I have seemingly moved on and got to know some other boys yet this one in particular still bothers me. To make it worse, he is leaving for the coast guard next month.

Well anyway, he messaged me again not too long ago and I'm not heartless so I decided to maybe give it another shot. I felt really happy and he seemed to be too that we were on "okay" terms again and even some heavy flirting ensued. However, it was never established that it was " talking" so I just played it cool, not getting my hopes up too high. And I was right because as soon as I finished texting him one night I discovered he changed his relationship status on Facebook that said he was involved with another girl. I hated myself for allowing such old feelings to resurface and become shattered, but I played the good friend regardless and liked his status. Whenever I would see him in public though he's really sweet towards me and smiles at me alot, like he wasn't unaware that he hurt my feelings ( he's a boy so obviously he didn't) but my question is why would he reconnect with me again after all this time only to not act on it?


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  • maybe he got the impression you had a boyfriend, so he talked to started talking to some girl, or he said he was talking to someone else..


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