First date (blind date) help?

My friend set me up on a blind date with a really hot football player. I really want to make a good first impression, and want to hit it off with him. It is my first date, so I need some advice for this date not to be awkward.


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  • a. dress for success. don't look slutty if you want a relationship. I say a cute top with some jeans. or a dress maybe. it depends on what you look like.

    b. be flirty and fun. and talk! but don't talk to much. everything has to be in moderation. at the end of the date maybe try to kiss him.

    c. break the awkwardness. first dates are almost always awkward... so just break it! bring up something random. oh. and make sure he remembers you for something.


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  • just relax and be yourself. Then what happens , happens.

    I know this is an old cliché but it actually works. Good luck.


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  • be yourself

    be interesting

    have jokes and stories ready

    be fun

    make him laugh

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