Online dating meeting in person

I joined a dating site two months ago for the uk- and I just moved there a few days ago. I've been talking to this guy the whole time, we've added each other on Facebook and message each other all the time- comment on each others walls and photos. We've text since I moved her and got a uk number. He called me today for our first chat- he was busy on his way to a meeting buy he wanted to talk to me to ask about my work schedule- we only talked for 20 minutes but he couldn't wait to hear my voice. We are meeting on Friday.

Are we dating what's the deal- it seems like are dating? But we've not actually met yet? Anyone done this whole online thing before?

What do I expect?

We've haven't talked about dating at all, just going on dates.


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  • Yeah what the girl said this is in no way a date at all. As for what to expect for meeting someone random I would have to go with expect the unexpected lol.

    • I don't really imagine him being crazy or anything other than what I've seen on his Facebook- he puts up a lot of photos and is active on it- and messaging with him.

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  • you're not dating, not even a pre date. you're just meeting to see if the chemistry exists in real life

    • Cool I'll feel a lot less bad for going out on a date Tuesday ;)

    • good luck. I hope he's everything you you think he is