Why does he just stop texting mid conversation?

I HATE this..this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Once and a while is fine, but it seems like if I don't keep asking him questions and the second it turns into a comment that's the end of the convo. I want to tell him it really bugs me but I don't want to sound like one of those clinger girls. Why do people do that? and how can I let him know it bugs me!?


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  • Tell him and talk more bs. Txt. That is not being clingy, your making your likes and dislikes known. It called standing up dor yourself. Guys use the clingy word to keep you from speaking up. There is a

    Difference and they know it. Having said that, keep your convos short and to the point. No need to carry on texting all day everyday.

    BTW I hate it when guys do that too. My experience has been that he is talking to several people at the same time.


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  • Yep some people just don't know how to carry a conversation either because they are to dumb, immature, or just awkward just tell him it bothers you that's not clingy. When girls do this I always tell them stuff like "Wanna contribute to the conversation" or something like that


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  • i just simply stop talking to people who don't add to the conversation ever.

    • How do you think guys feel when they text a girl they're dating and don't get a response at all? Yes, it goes both ways. Sucks a lot and I hate it when girls do this! And we don't want to appear clingy either...

    • I agree, it does go both ways.

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