Can I change my exes mind?

Facebook fling- we dated, both fell inlove, we broke up, my freind texted him and said are you still in love with her? he says love don't go away, so she ask`s him would he ever take me back and he said no, can I change his mind?


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  • For that to happen you would have to show that you want to be a better person for him. Have someone ask what you did wrong and such so that you can start changing them slowly. Don't try to change yourself overnight it doesn't work, but small changes over time is the best way to do it. Keep in contact show that you still do care about him. And most of all don't give up hope, no matter how many times they say they don't want to be back with you it can always change


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  • I am pretty sure that if a guy told me or my friend that he would not want to date me again ... changing his mind would be the last things on my to do before I die list.

    I mean there are a bunch of men out there who won't have to think twice about wanting you...and they would rather make changes in their life to get you back if they lost you...then have someone change their mind causing them to realize what they have and what they may lose.

    Just keep your pride...and be the one that got away...I mean wouldn't you rather have someone that doesn't need you to plead a good reason of why they should be with you...

    Facebook fling=we dated= fell in love= broke up= "I never would take you back"= Move on.

    my bad if this sounds harsh...just trying to help hopefully its not a failed attempt.