I started talking to this guy on a dating site and then I stopped?

because there was just too much going on in my life. It was only for a few days but do you think he is mad? I was watching this show about dating etiquette and the guy said never to say sorry about something while talking to someone over a device because it downgrades you. But I am sorryI couldn't reply to him...any ideas or comment?


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  • Lol I've never heard that before. If that's the only way to communicate with him then do it. Its better to apologize for something that you're sorry for and that may have hurt the other person than to just leave it be because some random guy thinks its a downgrade.


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  • Well if you're not busy anymore just talk to him again, if you don't then he'll just think you aren't interested anymore. I don't think he'll be upset if it was just a few days.


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