Ladies: your thoughts, when it comes to guys wanting to hang out with you?

Friend wise...

there's a girl I just want to hang out with, get more aqquinted with.

we both agree we should hang out sometime and spend the day.

However I've always been the one to hit her up with a text or something to ask if she was free...

girls would you get annoyed if you were the girl in this situation?

or do you like the attention your getting.

she does text other guys of course but "no one's txting back" is what she said..(besides me, of course I'm hitting her up first)

should I just wait till she calls/txts me? or..?


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  • Hang out? As in waste time senselessly. Unless you're willing to hang out with her the same way as you do with your guy friends, it's best not to waste your time.

    Otherwise, take her on a date.

    For most average guys, the term "hang out" means go on a date that she pays for.

    Also for many girls when a guy uses the term "hang out" it usualy means he's 1. a sissy and can't say "i like you lets spend an evening together" or 2. wants to get together to simply see if it leads to sex without actualy doing any date related things.

    • ...I mean like just sit down have some deep conversations, play tennis with her, that's all. I'm not asking anything out of this other than that she opens her self up to me. Yeah I find her slightly attractive but really see her only as a friend right now.

    • you play tennis!<3 sorry I saw that and had to comment... I'm a bigtennis player so...

    • @crazz: nice :)

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  • If you're a friend of mine, I don't think I would, no. I'd actually be wondering if you're getting annoyed with always being the one to initiate, and so I'd probably return the favor and ask you to hang out. If you've been the one to call/text first several times, then yeah, I think you should wait for her to make a move.

  • personally, id get annoyed, but if its a guy I have an interest in then of course id want him to keep texting me first, but if he was just a friend and I actually wanted to hang id definitely b texting and setting plans up. so she couuullld b annoyed by you. on the other hand, I have a friend who LOOVES attention, will lead guys on, and will act really cold to a guy after, but then be like, WHY ISNT HE TALKING TO ME ANYMORE, and expects everyone in the world to always text her, call her, make plans, ect... so it could be anything I guess.

    • to play it safe I guess I should just wait? I don't know she's kinda a tomboy She enjoys hanging out with guys rather then girls.

    • yeah. maybe don't text her as much. see if she texts you instead. I mean if she doesn't already know, make sure she knows you only want to be friends, so she doesn't feel like pressured or anything like that. honestly if a guy just wanted to be friends with me and was texting me a lot, I wouldn't think it was a big deal. but if I could tell that he liked me, and I didn't reciprocate those feelings, it'd just seem desperate to me, and id try to make space.

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  • Does she ever hang out with you?

    • we hung out twice, once with friends, and the 2nd time by ourselves.

      I told her that I would be looking forward to seeing her, and she said the same thing

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    • I only text her to see if she has time firstly...and it was about 2 weeks ago now. The last time she said she was busy with sorority things.

    • That sounds like the situation I described, to me. Either way, try and leave it on her. Don't just stop texting, that'd be odd, but get her to call you when she wants to hang out or whatever; if not a means of letting her drop the unwanted friendship, it'll get her actively involved in the friendship which as yet she isn't doing, and you don't want a selfish pal.