She doesn't call back, what's the deal with this girl?

Guy and girl go out at night and mutual friend introduces them to each other.

Guy is hot looking. Some girls are trying to talk to him, but he just wants to talk to this one girl.

Girl is average looking, not pretty. Guy loves her personality. Girl seems interested.

Guy asks her for her number so they can meet for a drink. Girl gives him her phone number.

Guy calls some days later. Girl doesn't answer the call and doesn't call back.

What's the deal with the girl?


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  • did the guy leave a message?

    • (I probably wouldn't call back if he didn't leave a message--I'd wait for him to call again)

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    • well, we all know it's not important. Getting a cup of coffee is not important...she knows what the call was for. We all do.

    • I disagree. Whatever, though. You can do what you want.

  • She's not into the guy.


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