Would you be mad if a friend never responded to your?

She claims because she has a child but I have reminded her that before she had her son, when she was in a relationship should would ignore my calls and text too!

I just think its a lame excuse to ignore my calls for weeks. I know having a child is not easy, but I think she is using her child to make excuses. She makes plenty of time for her boyfriends more time, than she do for her own child. I am just annoyed...and offended...Would you be mad if your friend did not respond to your text or calls? I mean I am not expecting her to respond all the time but once or twice a month...pisses me off...thoughts?

I have decided it is a waste of time calling and texting this girl...Its pointless!


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  • Yeah, it kind of feels like a slap in the face to me when someone doesn't respond to me. I'm not asking for an hour long conversation, but heck, at least a simple, "Hey, I'm busy, but I'll catch you later" is decent enough. It's certainly better than leaving people hanging.

  • Some people just have a low tolerance for other people.

    Taking me for an example, I really like my own company, it takes a lot of effort for me to hang out with people, even people I really enjoy hanging out with, I'm totally sure if I had a kid then I would be 100 times worse.

    It's not a slight on your character, it's not evidence that she has a problem with you, or doesn't like you, or any of those things. It's just how she is. I couldn't live with a friend that didn't understand that about me, they would soon drift off, If I had a friend that was really upset about me not getting in constant contact, I would start to feel like the friendship was causing me to stress constantly, and needlessly and I would be even less inclined to make the effort to contact her.

    My friends all understand what I'm like, and they don't judge me for it, and that's what I really love about them, and if any of them needed anything, I will always have time to help them.

    • The things is I am not expected her to get in contact with me ALL the TIME! I know its impossible, but I just feel hurt or not liked if she NEVER responds period...I could understand some situations but she is using her child as an excuse...

    • If you really don't think she likes you, then she's not actually a friend, is she. And none of this concern will ever bother her, so there is no point trying to make her see that, because she doesn't care. There is really only one thing to do...