Girls : A guy texting and calling you?

1) What is the bare minimum he needs to contact you?

2) how much contact is preferred?

3) what amount of texting and calling is too much/clingy?


A) someone you recently met and think about dating/already had a date with him

B) your boyfriend



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  • A- Someone I recently met

    1- At least once a week doesn't really need to be a full blown conversation just a hi now and again is nice.

    2- I would like to have an actual conversation at least 2-3 times a week. Doesn't have to be extensive but needs to be intentional.

    3- Everyday would just kind of turn me off.

    B- A boyfriend assuming you mean a serious relationship so I'll answer accordingly.

    1- At least 5 days a week. Again doesn't need to be extensive conversations just needs to be meaningful.

    2- I would like a good morning or goodnight everyday doesn't mean if it doesn't happen I'll be upset but I find it a sweet gesture if it were to happen. I would like to have an intelligent conversations at least 3-4 times a week. The time doesn't matter it's the content.

    3- Clingy to mean would be like calling me every single day 2-3 times a day. Jesus Christ get a life lol

    Obviously this is different for everyone. This is just me.


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  • Someone I met:

    He needs to contact me enough to show me he is interested in me. Probably at least once a day

    I guess the preferred would be enough to have a good conversation

    Uhm, too much? Well if I'm interested in him, then I'd love the attention but don't keep sending her texts if she doesn't answer. Text her again the next day if she never answers


    We have to talk once a day!

    I wanna talk to him all day.

    There's no such thing as too much

  • 1. The bare minimum would be a call once or twice every few days, and last maybe 10 minutes.

    2. I'd like if a guy calls me like once a day more than three times is getting creepy. Little texts like "good morning/night" texts are cute. I'd like this for A and B


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