Should girls initiate convo sometimes? Half the time? What?

This guy ALWAYS initiates convo with me, and I almost never initiate it. Is that bad? I feel like he might lose interest because he feels like I'M not interested.


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  • yes do it, there is nothing wrong with that and you have the mentality right, if you don't inititate, he is going to think you are not interested


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  • It depends on what the topic is and how you respond. If I am the only one carrying on the conversation and she just answers it quickly with no real room to ask for more then I drop her.

    Me: Do you have any big plans for this weekend?

    Her: Yes.

    Me: ... Okay then. Have a great weekend.

    • I hate those kind of people. I write a novel and they reply "oh k"... not even a smiley face to make the tension easier. It's like b*tch bye. hah

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