What would this text mean?

So, I've been on a break with my boyfriend for about two weeks now. He randomly texted me yesterday while he was at work. We haven't spoken until now. What does this mean? Does he miss me or was he just bored?


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  • bored/ horny with a touch of missing you


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  • It all depends on what he said. He might have been scrolling through his contacts and though "hmmm I wonder what she's been up to"... It just really depends on what his message said.

    • It's was basically small talk. A "Hey, what's up." He was at work so it took him awhile to reply every time.

    • Oh girl then he was just probably bored at work and add a little dash of missing you. I wouldn't read toooo much into that small text. Just be short and casual. If he doesn't have anything better to say than this small talk I wouldn't even text him back.

  • depends on what he texted -.- if he said something compromising maybe he misses you if not perhaps just small talk

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