When a girl texts me and doesn't respond after I text her back what do I do?

Ive been talking to this girl for a couple weeks and she texts me and when she texts me sometimes she doesn't reply for a while. It will sometimes take her hours which gets me mad but if she doesn't respond after a little bit and I send another message and she instantly replies. Should I keep sending messages after or not because it could be annoying. and also how should I talk to the girl on like waiting between texts.


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  • It's hard to say what you should do when someone just won't text you back. If you're asking questions or something else that needs immediate attention, I can understand your upsettedness, but in normal conversation, I don't really see a need to keep my phone going ALL THE TIME. She may feel the same way. You could always consider asking to call rather than text if she has a serious habit of taking too long to reply, which would remove the delay.. just a thought.

  • No, I wouldn't do that because she will think that you are little bit obessive one time just ignore her text and see what she does... or you could jokingly ask her in a text or next time you see her tell her that you don't like texting her or that she is a boring texter and then that wilol open the topic in carefree way.


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