Guys, would you text a girl you met in a club?

u got her number when you went clubbing,u only talked to her for 10 min in the club. would you text/call her?


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  • Yea, why not? That's how I meet my last girl friend.


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  • I never text people, but I may(very slim possibility given my social issues) call her sometime within a week or 2 weeks after we originaly meet.

    • why v slim possibility? its cus you met her in a club even she is your type?

    • I have a problem with calling people or trying to talk to them again I always feel like I'm just bothering them

  • Considering he got your number, I'm guessing he's gonna call, if he waits a week though, be aware he's just playing with you and hoping to get a reaction.

  • hmm well I get a lot of numbers like that, but there usually just so I can get laid at a later time. I'm just being honest.

    • so you won't call them if you don't get a shag at that night you meet them?

    • personally that's all I expect form a girl I meet at a club for a short while.

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