He text me out of the blue saying that he missed me.

My friend I have been friends with him for 7 years we started kinda dating but it didn't work out as he started talking to this random girl on Facebook he told her that he loved her which he also tells me, when I asked him about it he said that I had nothing to worry about as she is a lesbian, which in the end I found out she wasn't so he lied to me. I feel like he only wants to know me when it suits him. So I stopped talking too him for a few weeks. He text me out of the blue saying that he missed me. But I never believe him as he sometimes lies. Well cause I didn't reply he rang me saying that he wishes that it could go back to how it was and be friends again & try and sort it out by talking about it, so I was like why did you lie too me, and he said that he would never lie, but he did though it's like he can't be honest with me. Then he acts like he cares about me asking me things. Even though I know he doesn't give a f*ck about me cause if he did he wouldn't have lied, he makes it look like I'm messed up when I'm not, it's like he can do no wrong! What should I do?


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  • I've done nothing worng! Wrap your head around that PLEASE! he is a lier and that is all

    he ever will be. He just got caught. That is all. now he is on damage control mode. He wants to keep you around for future possibilities. That's what players do. What you need to look at is do you even want him as a friend? Knowing what you know can he still be trusted? I wouldn't. My advise is to not get hung up on him.