Should I try texting her?


^ Girl in question

If you don't wanna click the link, we've been friends for a long time and we talked/texted all the time. Anyway, about a month ago, we were texting just fine and my birthday was like in three or so days and we were talking about going to the movies for it and she was talking about so excited she was. I get on Facebook to ask her something and I find out she blocked me. I texted her and asked why and she said we couldn't be friends anymore and that she felt like Iw as too dependent on her

I don't know why she thinks that. I mean, we text a lot but like she's never minded before or anything like that. Normally, if something is bothering her, she'll say something about it.

We've been friends for two years and like, she's been my best friend for a long time. I'll admit that I have some feelings for her but we cleared that up (they caused a lot of drama but even then, we actually agreed like two weeks ago to put the past behind us completely and move on).

I tried texting her like three weeks or so ago (I just was like "Hey, its been a while. How's it going?") and I didn't get a reply, but I'll admit that I did at a bad time (first day of the fair, which is a big thing here) and my phone has been messing up lately (for some reason, a few months ago, when I text certain people, it immediately sends me a text saying like "message sent to _________" right after I send it and if I don't get one, it didn't send more often then not. I didn't get it when I tried)

Its been nearly two months and like, we quit talking before, and that was for a reason even I find somewhat legitimate (I did something to make her mad), but even then, we were talking again in like a month and its been nearly two this time and nothing so far

I really miss her and wanna text but would it be a good idea?


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  • give her time, and let her know you are there for her. send her one last text for now, and tell her that you will always accept her friendship, but if she needs space, you can respect that as well. that way, she can have some time alone for a while, and then when she misses you or needs a friend, she will know that you are there for her, with no strings attached.

    • wouldn't that be werid to send now since we quit talking a while back and it'd pretty much come out of nowhere? I mean I can see what you're saying but I already said something like that like right after she said it

    • well, then if that part is already done, it's just the waiting. That's going to be the hard part, but if you were really as close as you said you were, then she will miss your friendship and come back.

    • I have been waiting but its just gotten really hard recently

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  • I would leave her alone, at least for now. She'll come back when she's ready. Some people just gotta have drama in their lives, I suppose...

    • I've been leaving hear alone for nearly two months already and I'm hating it :/