Should I join a dating site?

I've been seriously considering joining a dating site.

I'm having a really hard time meeting someone in person and I'm lonely.

My friends make fun of people who use the site and I'm worried they'll find out but if dating sites work it'll be worth it

But I'm 20 and still young, should should I wait a bit before trying?


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  • You should because dating online is for everyone. Its not just for ugly people OK. All kind of people are on there. But you have to be careful because some guys just looking for sex.


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  • it's all up to you. I think you shouldn't listen to your friends, do what you want to do. I mean, it's your life your decisions. Don't let your friends make decisions for you. I've actually met number of my ex's from dating/social network sites, they work really well.

    Just be "creep" alerted at all times. Don't just go out and meet with any guy who says he wants to take you out, ya know? that's just being stupid.

  • The best advice is to listen to yourself and no one else. Do whatever makes "you" happy. If you want a relationship then I don't think you should be waiting. Start now. Be careful. Just watch out for stalkers/creepers. Stay safe!


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  • Nope. You have plenty of places to go to meet new people in safe conditions. Online dating seems a bit desperate to me. Real life interactions are best. Good luck!

    &check out my question if you can? thanks

    • I'm really introverted. I have a super hard time meeting people in person. I'm 20 and have never been in a relationship. I am getting desperate

    • I am introverted myself, and I know how you feel. But getting yourself out there is important because whether you're on a dating website or in a real place, you will eventually have to interact with your date in real life. ^^ Just practice being confident! The trick is to treat them like you already know that they like you~ It works!

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