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My boyfriend and I have been together about a week now. Recently I decided I wouldn't text him first ( I felt like I'd been texting him too much, or that he didn't want to talk Because I'm always the first one to text). He didn't text me at all that day. I ended up going to see him in his room (we're in college) and everything was fine. We got some alone time and he very definitely wanted to be with me. Am I supposed to be the one to text him first all the time? I'm not really sure how it works... better question, why didn't he text me at all?


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  • No, he should be putting in some effort and building conversations with you, even if its a simple " Hi hows you" so maybe be sarky and text him something like, " Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking, hows you" this might spur him to text a little more often, because its not aggressive but in insinuates that he could do better, But I am on your side here, I do think he should be texting you and by the sounds of it, he should be making more of an effort in general, good luck,x


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