He told me he wasn't in the position to be in a relationship but...What does this mean?

So, now I'm seeing this guy. I've made it totally obvious that I like him. A couple weeks ago I spilled the beans.

He told me he wasn't in the position to be in a relationship. But now we're hanging out every weekend!

Was he pulling my leg?


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  • He was gving you a gentle warning. You're ignoring the caution signal imao.

    Or, it could mean that he has decided to take a chance on you, althugh he's not in a position to offer a stable relationship because of his life circumstances.


What Girls Said 1

  • heya ...

    i think that once you told this guy that you liked him, he at that moment felt he was not in the position to be in a relationship, how ever, he now knows what his options are , and has most probally thought of exploring the options that he has, and just wants to try out and see what you are actually like and all about...


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