Why would he say this twice?

Ok so lately I've been talking to this guy and we both really like each other a lot. Last night I told him that I was going on a date this Friday and asked if he was OK with that and he said "yeah. do whatever you want. just don't have sex with him." Then I said "well I just don't want you to be mad...I'm not gonna have sex with him, we're just getting a drink.." and he said " that's fine. just don't have sex with him." So I guess my question is why would he tell me again to not have sex with the other guy after I told him that I wasn't going to? Does this mean that he cares about me? Or is he actually jealous that I'm going on a date with someone else?


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  • Sounds like if you do, that'll be enough for him to move on. Because really, if you were seeing a guy who told you he was dating someone else and could potentially sleep with her, how would you feel about continuing to see him?

    • Well I mean we're just talking/texting right now and we've never discussed dating other people...and my "date" is really just two friends hanging out...

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    • You're not bothering at all. You can definitely imply that the two of you were just friends. Maybe by saying "Yeah he's a good friend, we just had a nice talk". Something along those lines. Not saying anything about it will probably cause more confusion than not, though there's really no reason for him to be serious about it all. Either one would be fine, up to what you want.

    • Ok thank you! :)

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  • He is jealous but also making his feelings clear that if you do have sex with him, you and him wouldn't remain friends, This guy wants to be the one taking you on this date for sure,x

    • Ok thank you! That makes a lot of sense :)

  • Wait, you guys like each other a lot, but you "ask" him if he's OK with you going on a date with another guy? Wtf?

    Why don't you discuss going on a date with him instead? Wtf?

    • Well we just started talking like a week ago and he told me he was gonna ask me on a date but hasn't and the other guy I'm talking to, who I honestly see as just a friend, asked me to go get coffee with him so I said yes...

    • Oh OK, that makes so much more sense then! Well to me he is really into you, and respectful of you being a person with the right to go on date. But lije most guys he won't accept you having sex with someone else while he tries to possibly get serious with you down the road. He's being clear about it by repeating it so you are both on the same page. He let you have your right to date ithers, but dating plus sex to him means serious relationship, and there can only be one at a time. Makes sense.

    • Ok yeah that does make a lot of sense, thank you! :)

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