Ok well I like this one girl

alright I like this one girl. I've hung out with her like once at her house but my buddy screwed me over by not picking me up the night he was supposed too so I had to end up staying at her house which was not my intention at all so I think this girl thinks I'm weird or creepy or something, also I was really tired so I looked pretty haggered and I didn't talk much. I text her and I don't get a reply back anymore. I stupidly told her that I liekd another chick that I don't even like anymore. she told me that she liked me at one point so I told her I was beggining to like her but she said she didn't wanna make jade mad though which was the girl that I used to like. so my 2 questions are how do I set a different impression? since my buddy screwed me over and I looked haggered and was super tired. and how do I prove to her that I don't like that other girl anymore? since I stupidly told her that I liked another girl at one point. she told me it was okay when I appolagized that my buddy screwed me over and ifelt like a weirdo but I truthfully didn't believe her.


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  • Well just tell her the truth that you like her and that you made up the thing about like jade.

    She might think it's cute that you tried to make her jelous or get mad

    But if she gets mad then she's not worth it .

    But I say try to show her that she's the one that you want.

    I hope I helped

    Maybe you could help me with mine?


    • lol I'm not gonna tell her I made it up I'm not gonna lie

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