Is he looking for an excuse to date me or something like that?

I met a guy on kijiji who said he would take me out to dinner if I spent one hour talking to him to help him improve his english and since I make minimum wage at my job... I decided that it was a really good deal. I get to eat a 3 or 4 star restaruant that I normally could not afford in exchange for speaking my native tongue. What could be easier? But my father says he is lying about wanting to speak english and is really looking for a pretty girl to date. Do you think that's the case?


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  • It's possible, yeah, but as long as you're safe about all this then you'll get a free dinner out of this, right? Who knows, maybe you'll even grow to like him?

  • does he speak good english? ROFLLLLL

    and if that's an excuse... damn that guy has some good ways 2 get dates hahah


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