Girls who called their ex-boyfriends late at night

why did you do it? were there still feelings? did you want him back?

my ex called me tonight and I wonder if she still has feelings for me.

i was her last boyfriend and

i find it hard to believe people call an ex late at night "just to talk"

lol sorry for asking twice but I NEED answers! :)


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  • She misses you or misses the companionship/relationship..could mean that she want's you back and yes she still jas feelings for you otherwise wouldn't bother even giving you the time of day (or night).

    Even though we had a horrible break up me nd my ex compromised that he would call me every night before bed as it was something I was used to while we were together and became the only way I could fall asleep! But only happened because we still had feelings for one another


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