Is this a standard polite way to brush someone off the phone?

"I gtg my mum is calling. . . nice chatting with you" Is this a standard polite way to brush someone off the phone?

Theres this girl I met a couple of mths ago but only really started talking to her on fb two weeks back. I've had a 2 hr conversation with her on Facebook, and a couple of days later, she initiated chat with me too (last week). I flirted with her throughout and I asked for her no. and she gave it to me. Since then I've been texting every couple of days.

Now though I decided to call her coss I Haven't spoken to her for a long time. She picked up the phone and we chatted about general stuff and what we've been doing with uni and general stuff. I was in the middle of explaining something to her when all of a sudden she said she had to go coss her mum was calling her. Then she said it was nice chatting to me

Now I'm really confused whether she could like me or not? Does she think I'm going to ask her out and that's why she tried to run?


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  • Uh... her mom probably did all you. If she wasn't interested she wouldn't have chatted that long, let alone give you her number.

    • yeah but if her mum really did call, wouldn't she say something like can you call me back in half an hr?