Why even message me in the first place?

So the guy I liked was hard to understand. So I stopped talked to him and whatever then out of the blue he messages me. So I replied and now he has not replied. Why did he message in the first place?!?!


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  • I don;t know there is nothing to go on. I would say he may have wanted to ask you something and has not had a chance to reply yet. How long ago did you message him?

    • 2 days ago

    • He may just not have seen it yet or by then. I sometimes don't check my email for a day or two at a time. I think that he probably just did not check his phone or he got the answer he wanted. A safe bet if you want to know for sure would be to ask "What was that (insert form of communication here) about?" and that should be a non-threatening way of finding out.

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