Well now what? (After the first date/was that a date?)

Hung out with a guy for the first time at his house last night. I should mention his initial idea was to get drinks after he got off work, but as I'm not 21 for about another month, this was the back up plan. When I got there a neighbor was hanging out and chatting and he eventually left. We just hung out and talked/joked and he painted. It got late and he said he was going to turn in so I walked toward the door. I heard him walking behind me and saying things like it was fun and we should really do it again soon. I think I managed a yeah dude. I paused and turned at the door and we talked for a second and when we went to hug but the way we had our heads it felt kind of like an open invitation. I think I might have technically moved in first, but he met me and we made out a little bit. I pulled back and smiled and opened the door and he told me to drive safe. I meant to send him a smiley-face text on my way home (because I felt like I was tired and maybe a little awkward/not as reciprocating as I should of been when we kissed or he said things like we should hang out again soon) but! I accidentally sent him a winky-face instead. I don't feel like that's a deal-breaker since it's just a text. Since we've been texting he's been kind of playing the stereotypical female role (ie giving me his number, I initiate texting and he texts back longer or more quickly or I say he should tell me when he's free and he suggests getting together that night.) I guess my question is where do I go from here? Do I send him some sort of short but sweet last night was fun text or do I have to wait to see if he does even though he doesn't normally initiate?

I texted him and just said "last night was cool, let's do it again soon." and he replied less than a half an hour later and said "yea for sure!" so I feel like there's some definite interest, we'll see how it goes!


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  • If he doesn't initiate in 24-48 hours, then reply with your text, 'I had fun that night we hung out, etc..' The fact he doesn't initiate much is a bit odd in a guy, but It could just mean he's a bit shy. Give it time.

    • Saw your updated, that's great and best of luck!

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